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Week 3 Photoshop Project

This week we were given the assignment to create at least three layer masks. That means cutting out the background of a photo so you can focus on the most important parts to you. For extra credit, we were told that we could make a composite, which is adding several different photos on to the same canvas. 

Images used through a Creative Commons license


Latest Project

I recently started working with Photoshop, and this week I was given the assignment to "Have fun! Go wacky with brushes! Try out things you haven't done before!" So, I pulled out the Wacom tablet that I've been afraid of, searched the heck out of photos that were free to use and play with and came up with:

For really a first Photoshop project, I feel okay about it. Now, though, I'm worried that Edgar might haunt me a bit. Looking like this.


Some Logos I've Been Working On







What do you think? This class has stretched my brain a lot!


Toothy & Violet's Great Adventures

Pickle has been working more and more with video. This is her playing with the iMovie trailer function. She and Schmoo are actually starting to film more of these monster adventures, so look for more in the future!


Forest's vlog

In which Forest attempts to share what she's thinking about these days...

Pickle: Fowest was going to tell about how she was having a hard time dealing with sitting next to Mystery Magic at school. Unfortunately, it was Mystery Magic who interrupted her.